Please see below some of the questions we are frequently asked about AllergyWise®. If the answer to your question isn’t here or if you’re having any other technical problems please use our contact form to get in touch.

AllergyWise® for Schools FAQs

How do I purchase AllergyWise® for Schools in advance for my staff?

You can bulk purchase our new and improved AllergyWise® for Schools course here.

I've previously purchased AllergyWise® for Schools for multiple staff and have received a coupon code. How do I use it?

We are migrating our AllergyWise® courses over to our new training platform on the Anaphylaxis UK website. All schools with unredeemed coupons have now been set up with an account on the Anaphylaxis UK website. As the course purchaser, you will have been sent login details by email for this new account, where you can enrol users onto the course. 

If you have not received your login details by email, please check your inbox and spam folder. If you are having issues accessing your account, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or use this contact form to get in touch.

Please note - All course users will need to login to their own Anaphylaxis UK account individually to access the training.

I've started the AllergyWise® for Schools course but can no longer see it. How do I access the course?

We are migrating our AllergyWise® courses over to our new training platform on the Anaphylaxis UK website. 

If you are part-way through the AllergyWise® for Schools course, you can still access and complete it for the next 1 month by logging into the AllergyWise® website as normal. After the 1-month cut-off point, you will need to purchase our new and improved AllergyWise® for Schools course on the Anaphylaxis UK website to access our training. 

What are the benefits of purchasing the updated AllergyWise® for Schools for all staff?

We encourage a whole school allergy awareness approach as this is the safest way to manage pupils with allergies. Our course includes additional benefits:- access to our new allergy awareness lesson resource packs for primary and secondary schools, and the opportunity to achieve our new AllergyWise School Award!

General FAQs

Why doesn’t my login work?

Your username will be the email address that you used when you registered for the course. If you’ve forgotten your password click on the link called “forgot password?” below the login button. You will be sent an email to reset your password.


Can a colleague share my login?

All of our AllergyWise courses are designed to be done individually. If you give your login details to someone else the quizzes and course assessment will have already been completed by you and they will not be able to get a course completion certificate. If they would like to do the course themselves, they will need to set up their own login.


Why can’t I see some of the films on the course?

Some of our films are on YouTube and may have been blocked by your IT system.


Why is my course not completed? I’m sure I’ve been through all the lessons?

You can see all the lessons on the course down the left-hand side of your screen. Each lesson has an orange circle that will be filled when the lesson is complete. You must move through each lesson in order by clicking ‘Complete and continue’ on the top right corner of your screen. You must compete the final ‘Feedback’ lesson to complete the course where you then have the option to buy a certificate – don’t forget to click the ‘Complete and Continue’ button on this page too!